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Spa: A comprehensive experience in Canada

In a sense, Canada has it all. There is a big city. Montreal and Vancouver are probably the best of many options. Vast countryside: skiing, sailing, and everlasting nature observations. It’s so big that visiting Canada on a single trip is a great job.
Cents over 5,000 kilometers away. Johns of Newfoundland from Victoria, British Columbia (London and Riyadh, or Tokyo and Calcutta are about the same distance apart). Driving from one side of the country can take 7-10 days or more (that is, you don’t stop at attractions along the way). Flights from Toronto to Vancouver take more than 4 hours.
If you’re talking about a particular destination in Canada, it’s best to consider those different regions.
This vast country has most of it, including great French-influenced restaurants. But above all, due to its obsession with a healthy life, Canada has spas that are almost unmatched anywhere else. If you know that people from the United States (especially California) come to Canada for spa treatments on a regular basis, you start to understand the charm.
Keep in mind that most of the countries are legally bilingual, but even in most French regions of Montreal, language problems never occur.
Give up all your thoughts on government and politics and instead focus on hot springs and a healthy life. This is what many Canadians do.

The use of all non-governmental languages ​​varies widely from country to country. French is the main language in most of Quebec, and in parts of New  Hotel alsace Brunswick and Ontario. English is dominant in most of the rest of the country. Fluent bilinguals are concentrated in Montreal, Ottawa and Moncton. Canada spans six time zones, borders three oceans and covers 9,017,699 square kilometers (3,481,753 square miles). Currently, it is promoted as a country of peace and is governed independently. But he still has a British monarch as head of state. No, it’s not a euphemism for anything else.
For spa lovers, Canada is virtually the ideal country to visit. It all has landscapes, great sports and exciting cities. So how do you choose in this vast country?
My personal preferences are Vancouver and Vancouver Island. This is where the spa approaches perfection.
You need to know that we are talking about two different destinations here, Vancouver Island and Vancouver. These are not on the island of the same name. Vancouver is on the mainland, just minutes away. Both are great places. But very, very different. Vancouver Island is happy with Canada’s mildest weather, with coastal temperatures usually above freezing in January and warm in summer, but said to be 28-33 degrees Celsius. However, due to the effects of rain shadows, the west coast is usually very moist (Lake Henderson on the west coast is the wettest place in North America) and very dry in the capital city of Victoria, on the southeast coast from the Saanich Peninsula. .. In a sense, you have choices and you can be very accurate, taking into account that rain is more common in the fall and winter.
Getting there is part of the experience, as you can take an impressive seaplane across the Pacific Islands. Travel by ferry from Vancouver. Or take a high-speed ferry from Seattle across Juandefka Street.
Near the center of Vancouver Island is 2,500 square miles of Strathcona Provincial Park, which is part of a series of summits, including the Comox Glacier. Keep in mind that Vancouver is not the only island in the region. There are several others.
For example, Galiano Island is a long and narrow island, the second largest and driest island on the Gulf. It is 25 kilometers long and 9 kilometers wide and has a population of about 1,000, but the largest island of Salt Spring has a population of over 12,000.
As for spas, there are probably more than 30 across the archipelago, so there are no restrictions on your choice. Note that most of them are destination spas-you stay there like a hotel and some of them are on an island along Vancouver Island. Most of these spas have a kind of alternative lifestyle. They are away from everything for a visit.
A big exception. Fairmont Empress’s classic 1905 Willow Stream Spa is an urban spa hotel on the island of Victoria. It’s a very modern Victorian spa in two ways: the hotel’s grandmother, The Fairmont Empress.
Many of the spa’s customers stay in hotels and many of them come from the United States-for some reason California is the majority-experience periods of rejuvenation, rest and tranquility.
If you’re staying at this hotel, and if you can afford it, you’ll be in the footsteps of young Shirley Temple, Barbra Streisand, Harrison Ford, and many others. Of course, there is also afternoon tea.
The spa itself, Willow Stream, is much more modern than the hotel, with a mix of traditional and contemporary design. There is a waterfall, and the marble floor and subdued colors create the waterfall. The spa experience begins when you enter the elegant space through the door.
All spa treatments begin with a free spa ritual. The 30-minute ritual includes a 5-minute each in the Finnish sauna and steam room, followed by a 10-minute break in a 10-minute Hungarian bath and a glass of cold water.
Keep in mind that, like the other six Fairmont resorts, Willow Stream Spas across the country are definitely not luxurious and cheap. Fortunately, there are cheaper places in the area, perhaps not so beautiful.